System Nintendo DS
Developer Mitchell
Genre Puzzle
Series Polarium Series

A puzzle game played with the stylus and the touch screen. Draw a single line across a grid of black and white tiles to flip them over. Turning an entire row black or white will clear that row from the grid.

In Challenge Mode, up to four rows will drop from the top screen and you have to clear them. If the rows stack up past the red bar on the top screen then the game ends.

Puzzle Mode presents you with a static grid with a pattern or image on it. You have to clear each puzzle with a single line. There are 100 images of increasing difficulty to complete, and an Edit mode that allows you to create your own puzzles.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan 直感ヒトフデ Chokkan Hitofude 02 Dec 2004
Europe Polarium 11 Mar 2005
US Polarium 18 Apr 2005


Game Boy

Screenshot Required

Puzzle No.26 is based on the Game Boy.

Submitted by Fryguy64

Nintendo Puzzles

Screenshot Required

The screenshots that appear on the game's packaging and in the manual show three puzzles, each referencing one of the three Japanese Kanji characters that make up the word "Nintendo".

Submitted by Fryguy64, YoungLink

Nintendo DS Shapes

Screenshot Required

In Challenge Mode, every time you clear 10 levels, an 8-row piece drops down in 2 segments. Each 9x8 piece forms one of the letters in "NINTENDO DS"

Submitted by YoungLink

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