Project Hacker: Kakusei

Project Hacker: Kakusei
System Nintendo DS
Developer Red Entertainment
Genre Adventure / Puzzle

You play as Satoru, a detective at the GIS agency. You and your partner Rina solve internet crime using your legendary skills as a hacker.

You are sent on missions to bring down internet criminals. To do so, you are faced with a series of puzzles that require you to hack into computer systems. This is where the touch screen comes in, as often you have to decrypt passwords or other complex security systems in order to get to the information you need.

Some puzzles are played against the clock, some require you to use analytical skills, and some are protected by additional firewalls that need to be cracked before you can hack into the system.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan プロジェクトハッカー 覚醒 Project Hacker: Kakusei 13 Jul 2006