Trace Memory

Trace Memory
System Nintendo DS
Developer Cing
Genre Adventure
Series Another Code / Trace Memory Series

Just before her 14th birthday, Ashley Robbins receives a letter from her absentee father. He has been living in secret on Blood Edward Island for years, conducting research into a memory control device known as "Another". With the letter came an electronic device called the DAS.

Ashley sets off to the island to reunite with her father. There, she meets a ghost named D, who died on the island 57 years ago. As well as uncovering the truth about Ashley's own past, you must help D discover the truth about his death.

Use the many abilities of the DS to solve the puzzles on the island, and complete the memory test at the end of each chapter to progress.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan アナザーコード 2つの記憶 Another Code: 2-Tsu no Kioku 24 Feb 2005
Europe Another Code: Two Memories 24 Jun 2005
US Trace Memory 26 Sep 2005



Screenshot Required

The design of Ashley's DAS is based on the original model Nintendo DS.

Submitted by YoungLink

Book Titles (US Version)

Screenshot Required

In the Silver Bird Room, before you pick up the N Book, the third book from the left is called "The Legend of Zelda Chronology". In the Golden Bird Room, before you pick up the E Book, the leftmost book is called "Path of Radiance", the subtitle of the GameCube title Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

Submitted by TrustTheFungus

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