True Swing Golf

True Swing Golf
System Nintendo DS
Developer T&E Soft
Genre Golf
Series Golf Series

Create a character, choose your equipment and hit the green for a new way to play golf.

Dispensing with the traditional power bars of other golf games, in True Swing Golf you line up your shots and physically swing the club using the stylus on the touch screen. The direction and strength of the swing are dependent on the speed and accuracy of your stylus stroke.

There are many different courses to play on, several of which are based on real-world courses. Win trophies by getting the lowest stroke score against computer or human opponents.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan 大人のDSゴルフ Otona no DS Golf 10 Nov 2005
Europe Nintendo Touch Golf: Birdie Challenge 25 Nov 2005
US True Swing Golf 23 Jan 2006


Nintendo Staff Names

Screenshot Required

In Championship Mode, your opponent's names may include Miyamoto and Iwata. Shigeru Miyamoto is head of Nintendo EAD game development, and Satoru Iwata is President of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Submitted by Korre

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