Kirby's Block Ball

Kirby's Block Ball
System Game Boy
Developer Nintendo, HAL Laboratory
Genre Action / Puzzle
Series Kirby Series

Kirby is the ball in this block-breaking game. Destroy all the blocks in each stage by bouncing Kirby off the paddles. There are 10 islands to play through, broken up into stages, and each island has a Borderline score that must be reached if you want to face the final battle.

By pressing the A Button at the right time, you can launch Kirby at full-power. This technique can be used to break tough blocks. Kirby can also gain several abilities by defeating enemies that help clear stages faster.

Finding a Warp Star on a stage will take you away to a bonus game where you can earn extra lives.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan カービィのブロックボール Kirby no Block Ball 14 Nov 1995
Europe Kirby's Block Ball 1995
US Kirby's Block Ball May 1996


System Japan U.S. Europe
Nintendo Power (GB) 01 Mar 2000 - -
Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console 26 Oct 2011 17 May 2012 09 Feb 2012