bit Generations: DIALHEX

bit Generations: DIALHEX
System Game Boy Advance
Developer Skip
Genre Puzzle
Series Art Style / bit Generations Series

A puzzle game released for the bit Generations series on Game Boy Advance and Art Style series on Wii.

You control the "Hex", a hexagonal marker that rotates the six coloured triangles contained inside. Clear the triangles by matching their colours in a hexagon. More triangles fall from the top of the screen as you play, and more colours are added as you clear more Hexes. Glowing triangles have a special effect on the play area when cleared.

The game comes with several unlockable single player modes as well as a multiplayer game.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan bit Generations: DIALHEX 13 Jul 2006

Ports & Remakes:

Wii Art Style: ROTOHEX