Custom Robo GX

Custom Robo GX
System Game Boy Advance
Developer Noise
Genre Action / RPG
Series Custom Robo Series

Three years after the events of Custom Robo V2, new zero-gravity Holosseums have been created, giving rise to Sky Battles. The hero receives his first Robo, X-Ray, as a birthday gift and sets out with his friend Yusuke to a tournament. There, he is drawn into a police investigation into illegal trading of Robo parts.

The third Custom Robo game moves the battle arenas to a 2D plain. Fly around arenas to make use of defensive positions. Reduce your opponent's HP to zero to win, earning Robo parts. You can customise the Gun, Sub-Weapon, Bomb and Action Chips on your Robo.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan カスタムロボGX Custom Robo GX 26 Jul 2002