Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue

Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue
System Game Boy Advance
Developer Alphadream
Genre Adventure
Series Hamtaro Series

A strange flying hamster who travels on rainbows has fallen from the sky and into the world of the Ham-Hams. Hamtaro and his friends agree that they must help him get back into the sky.

You control Hamtaro and other Ham-Hams who must talk with each other to learn Ham-Chat words, used to solve puzzles. Each word has a different meaning and is added to your dictionary. Only by using these words at the right times will you trigger an event.

You will also have to find items, including sunflower seeds used as currency amongst the Ham-Hams, as well as take part in minigames.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan とっとこハム太郎4 にじいろ大行進でちゅ Tottoko Hamtaro 4: Nijīro Daikōshin Dechu 23 May 2003
Europe Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue 29 Oct 2004