Mickey & Donald

Mickey & Donald
System Game & Watch
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action

Mickey, Donald and Goofy are trying to put out a fire that is climbing up the building in columns. Donald can move left or right on the roof, pouring water downward onto the fire. Mickey can move up and down the ladder to patch the holes in the hose. Goofy is manning the pump, but if he falls asleep, Mickey has to wake him up or Donald won't receive water.

You score 1 point for every fire you put out, and 15 points if you put it all out. When fire reaches the roof then you get one miss, and three misses will end the game. When you reach 300 points then all misses are cleared. If you have no misses when you reach 300 points then Chance Time begins and all points are doubled until you get a miss or water leaks out of the hose.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ミッキー&ドナルド Mickey & Donald 12 Nov 1982
US Mickey & Donald 12 Nov 1982
Europe Mickey & Donald 12 Nov 1982

Game Modes

Game A and Game B play the same, but Game B is faster and more difficult.