Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse
System Game & Watch (Wide Screen)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action

Mickey Mouse is exactly the same game as Egg, but starring Disney's Mickey Mouse in the title role, catching eggs in his basket. Instead of the cockerel, Minnie Mouse appears at the window to show that you will only get a half-miss if you drop an egg.

Mickey Mouse was the only one of the two games to be released in Japan, but in all later appearances it has been replaced by Egg.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ミッキーマウス Mickey Mouse 09 Oct 1981
US Mickey Mouse 09 Oct 1981
Europe Mickey Mouse 09 Oct 1981

Other Versions

Game & Watch Egg

Game Modes

Game A

Eggs roll out of three of the chicken coops.

Game B

Eggs roll out of all four chicken coops.