Blast Corps

Blast Corps
System Nintendo 64
Developer Rare
Genre Action / Puzzle

A nuclear carrier is rolling out of control and there's no way to stop it. The authorities call on the Blast Corps., a team of demolition experts, to clear a path for the carrier so it doesn't crash.

In each stage you receive medals for clearing the buildings that stand in the path of the nuclear carrier using the demolition vehicles available.

You receive a second medal for returning to the stage without the carrier, destroying all buildings, freeing all survivors, and triggering all 100 RDUs.

As you earn medals, more stages open up on the world map. These include smaller challenges such as circuit races or time trials.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ブラストドーザー Blast Dozer 21 Mar 1997
US Blast Corps 26 Mar 1997
Europe Blast Corps 28 Aug 1997


Pac Man Stage

Screenshot Required

The Baboon Catacomb stage takes place in a 3D maze where you have to drive over all of the LEDs while avoiding large Bulldozers.

The design of the stage is heavily based on Namco's Pac-Man arcade game.

Submitted by Fryguy64

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