Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark Series
System Nintendo 64
Developer Rare
Genre First Person Shooter

Secret agent Joanna Dark is sent to investigate the corrupt DataDyne Corporation, stumbling into a plot to dig up an extraterrestrial weapon buried deep within the Earth. With the power to destroy entire planets, the weapon has triggered an alien war. Only with Joanna Dark's help can peace be restored to the galaxy.

In each stage you are given a set of mission objectives to complete, with more objectives and deadlier enemies on the higher difficulty levels.

The game includes a multiplayer deathmatch mode as well a a 2-Player co-operative game.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Perfect Dark 22 May 2000
Europe Perfect Dark 29 Jun 2000
Japan パーフェクトダーク Perfect Dark 21 Oct 2000

Ports & Remakes

Xbox Live Arcade Perfect Dark


DK Mode

DK Mode

Originally seen in Goldeneye 007, DK Mode is a cheat mode that makes all the characters' heads and arms huge, like a gorilla. The name of the cheat is a reference to Donkey Kong.

Submitted by MEGAߥTE, screenshot by Kohta

Goldeneye 007 References

Perfect Dark features many references to its spiritual predecessor Goldeneye 007.

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In one of the safes in the game, you can find a BAFTA Award, which Rare won for Goldeneye 007.


Goldeneye Weapons

In the Carrington Institute, you can see a display case containing weapons from Goldeneye 007. You can unlock these weapons later in the game, although they have all been given different (but similar) names.

The KLOBB gun, named after Nintendo employee Ken Lobb, is now named the KLO1313.

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Multiplayer Maps

Three of the multiplayer maps are copies of maps from Goldeneye 007.

Submitted by Da Robot, MEGAߥTE, Kohta


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The faces of the enemy soldiers in the game are all staff from Rare and Nintendo.

Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto appears as one of the patrolling guards during the opening for the Pelagic II stage. He is dressed in red overalls with a white shirt, similar to Fire Mario.

Submitted by Da Robot

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