System NES
Developer Nintendo
Genre Baseball
Series Baseball Series

A classic baseball game on the NES. Challenge the computer or another player to a game.

As the batting team, swing the bat to hit the ball, and run around the infield. If the ball is caught by a fielder, if a single batter fails to hit the ball three times in a row, or if the batter is running to a base and the ball is passed to that base, then that batter is out.

As the pitching team, throw the ball to the batter. If they hit it then your fielders will automatically run for the ball. When a fielder gets the ball, you have to throw it to the base the batter is running to.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ベースボール Baseball 07 Dec 1983
US Baseball Oct 1985
Europe Baseball 1986


System Japan U.S. Europe
Famicom Disk System 21 Feb 1986 - -
Card-e Reader - 11 Nov 2002 -
Wii Virtual Console 02 Dec 2006 01 Jan 2007 29 Dec 2006
Wii U Virtual Console 23 Oct 2013 24 Oct 2013 24 Oct 2013

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