System NES
Developer Nintendo
Genre Golf
Series Golf Series

A NES game of golf. Choose your clubs and swing to hit the ball across the green and into the hole within a certain number of strokes.

Different clubs are used for different drives. You swing by stopping the meter to determine your power and accuracy. Be wary of the wind, as well as course obstacles such as sand bunkers and the water.

When you reach the green (the area surrounding the hole) the screen changes to putting mode, where you have to tap the ball towards the hole, taking the lay of the land into account.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ゴルフ Golf 01 May 1984
US Golf Oct 1985
Europe Golf 1986


System Japan U.S. Europe
Famicom Disk System 21 Feb 1986 - -
Card-e Reader (GBA) - 21 Apr 2003 -
Wii U Virtual Console 13 Nov 2013 10 Oct 2013 10 Oct 2013

Ports & Remakes

Arcade VS. Stroke & Match Golf
Arcade VS. Ladies Golf

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