Kirby's Dream Course

Kirby's Dream Course
System Super Nintendo
Developer HAL Laboratory
Genre Crazy Golf
Series Kirby Series

One night, all of the stars above Dream Land disappear. King Dedede has stolen them all from the sky and given them to his minions..

Kirby appears in King Dedede's castle as a ball. Use the power bars to determine the direction and angle to fire Kirby at, taking out enemies and landing in the hole in as few turns as possible.

You have four turns per life and completing a course in less than four turns rewards you with extra turns and lives. Each enemy you defeat releases one of the stars. Clear all eight stages in each round to progress to the next round.

You can also take part in a 2-player game where players take it in turns to clear courses.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan カービィボウル Kirby Bowl 21 Sep 1994
US Kirby's Dream Course Feb 1995
Europe Kirby's Dream Course Aug 1995


System Japan U.S. Europe
Nintendo Power (SFC) 30 Sep 1997 - -
Wii Virtual Console 24 Apr 2007 29 Jun 2007 29 Jun 2007
Wii U Virtual Console 08 May 2013 23 May 2013 23 May 2013