Planet Puzzle League

Planet Puzzle League
System Nintendo DS
Developer Intelligent Systems
Genre Puzzle
Series Puzzle League Series

A block-matching puzzle game. Rows of blocks rise from the bottom of the screen and you can switch any two blocks horizontally using either buttons or the touch screen. Line up three or more blocks of the same colour and they will vanish, causing all blocks above them to drop down. By arranging the blocks, you can set up chains and combos for a high score.

As well as the Endless, Clear and Garbage Challenge modes, you can play against human or computer opponents, try a Time Attack or a Daily Challenge or solve the limited-move Puzzles. Multiplayer modes can be played with local wireless or over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan パネルでポンDS Panel de Pon DS 26 Apr 2007
US Planet Puzzle League 04 Jun 2007
Europe Puzzle League DS 29 Jun 2007