Star Fox Command

Star Fox Command
System Nintendo DS
Developer Q-Games
Genre Strategy / Shooting
Series Star Fox Series

With the last of Venom's forces defeated, the Star Fox team has disbanded. But a new threat arises from the acid oceans of Venom. The Anglar Army wish to destroy the Lylat System. Peppy, now a general, reassembles the Star Fox team to combat this new threat.

Star Fox: Command returns the Star Fox team to aerial battles. You and the enemy takes turns to move across the map. Intercept enemies aiming for the Great Fox while meeting the mission objectives: Defeat all enemies, destroy a base or collect enemy cores.

When you intercept an enemy on the map, an action scene begins. Different team members have their own ships and individual skillsets.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan スターフォックス コマンド Star Fox Command 03 Aug 2006
US Star Fox Command 28 Aug 2006
Europe Star Fox Command 26 Jan 2007


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii U Virtual Console - 25 Jun 2015 06 Aug 2015



Screenshot Required

Octoman, one of the racers from the F-Zero series appears as a boss character during certain Aquas and Venom missions. His ship resembles the Deep Claw F-Zero racer.

Submitted by Smashchu, GameHiker, Teisama

Lylat GP

Screenshot Required

One of the game's many alternate endings shows Fox and Falco on an F-Zero style racetrack under the banner "Lylat GP", with their Arwings on the ground converted into F-Zero racers.

Submitted by Leon

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