Wario Land II

Wario Land II
System Game Boy / Game Boy Color
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action / Platformer
Series Super Mario Series

While sleeping in his castle, Wario is robbed by Captain Syrup and the Black Sugar Gang. With his castle ransacked and his ill-gotten treasure stolen, Wario gives chase, determined to steal it all back.

Wario takes no damage when attacked, but he may be pushed away and lose Coins. He may also be transformed into a range of different forms that can help him find new areas and treasure rooms. Muscle your way through each stage and try to catch Syrup in one of the game's many alternate endings.

Two versions of this game were released, one for the original Game Boy and one featuring Game Boy Color enhancements.

Release Information

Region Name GB GBC
Europe Wario Land II Mar 1998 25 Feb 1999
US Wario Land II Mar 1998 20 Nov 1998
Japan ワリオランド2 盗まれた財宝 Wario Land 2: Nusumareta Zaihō - 21 Oct 1998


System Japan U.S. Europe
Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console 04 Apr 2012 20 Dec 2012 19 Jul 2012


Nintendo Treasures

Treasures Screen

Some of the treasures Wario can find during the course of his adventure are from other Nintendo games. They include:

Submitted by Fryguy64, Kohta, MEGAߥ, The Qu

Flagman DD

Flagman DD

One of the secret options you can unlock is Flagman DD, based on the Game & Watch title, Flagman. Dangerous Duck replaces the pirate character from the original game.

It is also worth noting that Flagman DD is actually based on the version of Flagman that appeared in Game Boy Gallery, a PAL-region-only Game & Watch compilation. They share many of the same graphics and the same border when played on a Super Game Boy.

Submitted by Fryguy64, Grandy02, nensondubois

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