Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox Adventures
System GameCube
Developer Rare
Genre Action / Adventure
Series Star Fox Series

General Scales of the Sharpclaw Tribe has stolen the Spellstones that hold together the planet Sauria. The planet is now breaking apart, and Fox McCloud of the Star Fox team is sent to restore the balance.

Fox finds the staff of another adventurer named Krystal, which he uses to battle and activate switches. You can power up the staff during the game, allowing it to shoot, freeze and open new areas. Fox is also teamed with Prince Tricky of the Earthwalker tribe who learns skills that can be used to solve puzzles or find items.

When travelling between Sauria and the broken parts of the planet, Fox takes to his Arwing for short flight missions.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Star Fox Adventures 23 Sep 2002
Japan スターフォックスアドベンチャー Star Fox Adventure 27 Sep 2002
Europe Star Fox Adventures 22 Nov 2002

Development: Dinosaur Planet

Star Fox Adventures began life on the Nintendo 64 under the title "Dinosaur Planet". The game starred Sabre and Krystal and their animal friends Tricky and Kyte. You could switch between the characters and use their animal companions in different situations.

The game was very far along in development, with Rare releasing promotional artwork, gameplay videos and even MP3s of the soundtrack on their website.

Shigeru Miyamoto reviewed the content of the game and believed it would benefit from being moved to the upcoming GameCube hardware (sales of Nintendo 64 games were very low) and for the Star Fox license to be used. Rare reworked the game, changing some elements but keeping the majority of the gameplay intact, and the game was released as Star Fox Adventures.


Prince Tricky

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Prince Tricky of the Earthwalker tribe appears to have been based on the Triceratops boss, also named Tricky, in Diddy Kong Racing. Both games were developed by Rare.

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