F-Zero X

F-Zero X
System Nintendo 64
Developer Nintendo
Genre Racing
Series F-Zero Series

A futuristic, high-speed racing game, set on winding, zero-gravity tracks. Choose from a huge selection of F-Zero racers and complete laps of each circuit in a certain position, finishing the race in first place. You are disqualified from the race if your power meter runs out or fall from the track, using up one of your limited extra lives.

Completing the first lap earns you Boost Power, letting you gain speed at any time at the expense of your Power bar. Recharge the Power bar by driving over the Energy strips.

As well as the main game, you can play the last-man-standing in Demolition Mode, beat your best times in Time Trial, or take part in multiplayer races for up to 4 players.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan F-ZERO X 14 Jul 1998
US F-Zero X 26 Oct 1998
Europe F-Zero X 06 Nov 1998


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii Virtual Console 29 May 2007 25 Jun 2007 15 Jun 2007

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Mr. E.A.D.

Mr. E.A.D.

One of the new racers is an android named Mr. E.A.D. He is named after Shigeru Miyamoto's development studio, Entertainment Analysis & Development. His appearance is loosely based on Mario, with a round face and a moustache, and a Starman on his belt.

His F-Zero Racer is called the Great Star, and its stats are E, A and D respectively.

James McCloud

James McCloud

One of the new racers is named James McCloud. While he is human, he wears full Star Fox uniform, and shares a name with Fox McCloud's lost father.

His F-Zero Racer is called the Little Wyvern, and its design is based on the Star Fox Arwing ships.

Submitted by Fryguy64


Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road

The first track in the Joker Cup is named Rainbow Road. It is a copy of the final track from Mario Kart 64. Several obstacles have been added, and some of the track edges have been removed.

Screenshot Required

Port Town 2

The Port Town 2 track is a large-scale 3D rebuild of the Port Town II track from the original F-Zero (SNES 1990)

Submitted by wildgoosespeeder

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