Mario Golf

Mario Golf
System Nintendo 64
Developer Nintendo / Camelot
Genre Golf
Series Super Mario Series / Golf Series

An N64 golf game set in the Mushroom Kingdom and featuring Mario and friends. Select your club and hit the ball across the green and into the hole within Par. The player with the best score after up to 18 courses wins the tournament.

The accuracy of your shot is determined by a power meter at the bottom of the screen. You can view where the ball will land, and alter your shot accordingly. Beware of the wind speed and direction and make sure to avoid water hazards and sand traps.

Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, and you can unlock more as you play. You can also import your custom characters from Mario Golf on Game Boy Color.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan マリオゴルフ64 Mario Golf 64 11 Jun 1999
US Mario Golf 27 Jul 1999
Europe Mario Golf 14 Sep 1999


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii Virtual Console 30 Sep 2008 06 Oct 2008 23 Jan 2009
Wii U Virtual Console 02 Sep 2015 03 Sep 2015 08 Oct 2015

Connect To:

Game Boy Color Mario Golf


Leaderboard Guests

Leaderboard Guests

Start a tournament and press Start to open your options and view the Leader Board. On it are the names of all the characters taking place in the tournament. As there are more places on the leader board than characters in the game, someone improvised and filled the rest of the spaces with the names of Nintendo of America staff and other Nintendo characters. Here are some of the cameo names spotted so far:

  • Mario Series: Big Penguin, Bob-Omb, Bub, Buzzy, Cheep Cheep, Chill Bully, Dorie, Fly Guy, Goomba, Koopa, Lakitu, Larry, Lemmy, Ludwig, Monty Mole, Morton, Pidgit, Red Beezo, Rex, Spike, Spiny, Toad, Ukkiki, Wendy O., Whomp, Wiggler
  • The Legend of Zelda Series: Darunia, Deku Scrub, Goron Kid, Impa, Link, Malon, Navi, Saria, Sheik, Talon, Zelda
  • Star Fox Series: Bill, Falco L., Fox, McCloud, Peppy, Pigma

There are probably even more cameo names available. You seem to get a lot of different names if you play the different courses a few times.

Submitted by Fryguy64

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