System Nintendo 3DS (Download)
Developer Intelligent Systems
Genre Action / Puzzle
Series Pushmo Series

Mallo is visiting Pushmo Park, where Papa Blox has set up his most daunting Pushmo puzzles. However, a mean kid has trapped the other kids on the structures, so Mallo agrees to climb up and rescue them.

Each Pushmo puzzle is a large structure made of blocks of color. Each block can be pulled out up to three places, either from the front or from the side if space allows. As Mallo climbs larger structures, he may have to use Ladders or Switches to progress. When Mallo reaches the trapped kid, the puzzle is completed.

You can design your own Pushmo puzzles and exchange them using a QR Code.

Release Information

Region Name Download
Japan 引ク押ス Hiku Osu 05 Oct 2011
US Pushmo 08 Dec 2011
Europe Pullblox 08 Dec 2011


Cameo Puzzles

Mario (1) Puzzle

Several of the puzzles in the game are based on Nintendo characters and systems. The Nintendo Mural set exclusively features puzzles based on NES sprites, and its icon is a Famicom cartridge.

Puzzle Set No. Puzzle
Murals 1 43 Mario 1 (Mario Series)
Murals 2 110 Nintendo 3DS
Murals 2 125 NES Controller (Famicom Controller in Japan)
Nintendo Murals 145 Goomba (Super Mario Bros.)
Nintendo Murals 146 Spiny (Super Mario Bros.)
Nintendo Murals 147 Lakitu (Super Mario Bros.)
Nintendo Murals 148 Donkey Kong Jr. (Donkey Kong Jr.)
Nintendo Murals 149 Koopa Troopa (Super Mario Bros.)
Nintendo Murals 150 Link 1 (The Legend of Zelda)
Nintendo Murals 151 Cheep Cheep (Super Mario Bros.)
Nintendo Murals 152 Bullet Bill (Super Mario Bros.)
Nintendo Murals 153 Popo (Ice Climber)
Nintendo Murals 154 Balloon Fighter (Balloon Fight)
Nintendo Murals 155 Buzzy Beetle (Super Mario Bros.)
Nintendo Murals 156 Red Excitebiker (Excitebike)
Nintendo Murals 157 Mario 2 (Super Mario Bros.)
Nintendo Murals 158 Piranha Plant (Super Mario Bros.)
Nintendo Murals 159 Link 2 (The Legend of Zelda)
Nintendo Murals 160 Fairy (The Legend of Zelda)
Nintendo Murals 161 Aquamentus (The Legend of Zelda)
Nintendo Murals 162 Mario 3 (Super Mario Bros.)

Submitted by MEGAߥTE, Leon, Fryguy64