Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School

Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School
System Famicom Disk System
Developer Nintendo, Square
Genre Adventure

You have transferred to Tokimeki High School. You befriend a strange boy in class named Sadakichi who confesses he is a fan of teen idol Miho Nakayama and he gives you a phone number to a her fan hotline.

After class, you run into a girl in the corridor who drops a small mascot toy. When she comes back for it, you realise she bears a striking resemblance to Miho Nakayama herself. You decide to find out more about the mysterious Mizuho Takayama and ask her out on a date.

The game provides real telephone numbers that players could call to listen to voice recordings of Miho Nakayama for story and gameplay tips.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan 中山美穂のトキメキハイスクール Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki Highschool 01 Dec 1987

How to Play

Miho Nakayama's Tokimeki Highschool

Miho Nakayama's Tokimeki Highschool is a graphical adventure game. You have to select the correct actions from a menu in order to advance through the game. The screen is split into the menu, graphical box and dialogue box. Dialogue and descriptions are displayed in the dialogue box, as is the expression of your character. If you select "look at" or "pick up" then you control a hand icon in the graphic window to select an area to examine more closely. You also have an inventory of items that you can check at any time.

At various points in the story, you talk directly to Mizuho/Miho and the game changes slightly. You are given a selection of dialogue options and have to choose between them. Later in the game, you also have to choose the correct expression for your character. If you pick the wrong answer or expression then you will usually get a Game Over and return to the beginning of the scene.

Characters will occasionally give you phone numbers to call. While these are no longer active, calling these numbers would provide you with game hints from a voice recording of Miho Nakayama.





The Hero (You)

A 17-year-old senior who has transferred to Tokimeki Highschool due to his father's work. He begins the story nervous about making new friends, and whether he can get a girlfriend. He is a huge fan of teen idol Miho Nakayama, owning all of her records and having watched all of her TV appearances.

Miho Nakayama

Mizuho Takayama /
Miho Nakayama

At first appearing as a quiet girl with glasses with the name of Mizuho Takayama, the hero reveals that she is teen idol Miho Nakayama. She has adopted a false identity to finish school without the press hounding her.


Sadakichi Yamamura

A strange boy who speaks in a Kansai dialect. He is the first person to befriend you at Tokimeki Highschool. He is also a huge fan of Miho Nakayama, and he gives you the phone number to her fan hotline.


Masaomi Tsudi

The playboy of Tokimeki Highschool. Rich, handsome and a high achiever at sports. He rarely speaks directly to anybody, and it has been said that even the way he walks is pretentious.


Erika Shimizu

A rich, romantic and extremely competitive girl at Tokimeki Highschool. Her hobbies include tennis and piano, and she has a pet dog named Alex. She appears to have a crush on the hero, which may be a problem as she has been known to use hired muscle to get her way.

Erika's Groupies

Erika's Groupies

Three girls who follow Erika around and chatter endlessly. They have been nicknamed the "Typhoon Trio", as their appearance is a sign of an oncoming storm.



The headmaster of Tokimeki Highschool is universally liked for his relaxed, carefree attitude to running the school. He likes to take the time to talk with his pupils and is incredibly kind and understanding.

Vice Principal

Vice Principal

The very opposite of his superior, the Vice Principal of Tokimeki Highschool is a sweaty, frustrated wreck – largely because he is doing all the work the Principal doesn't do. He is secretly worried about how much he sweats.

Hero's Brother

Hero's Brother

The hero's brother is single, 27-years-old and a freelance fashion photographer. While talented and currently working on a photoshoot for the Miho Nakayama calender, he is usually found moping around at home.

Multiple Endings & Competition Prizes

Miho Nakayama's Tokimeki Highschool

The game has two main endings, known as "Blue Ribbon" and "Red Ribbon", based on the gift icon that appears on your save file when you clear the game. The Blue Ribbon is the bad ending, while the Red Ribbon is the good ending. To make matters more confusing, there is a secret Red Ribbon ending that you only get if you take part in a minor conversation halfway through the game (how to get all three endings is explained in greater detail in the Miho Nakayama's Tokimeki Highschool walkthrough).

Once beating the game and receiving the ending, you could take your game to certain stores and use the Disk Fax to submit your information to Nintendo. Prize winners were then drawn depending on the ending received.

The competition was open between 19th December 1987 and 29th February 1988.


  • 8000 telephone cards signed by Miho Nakayama were awarded to players with the Blue Ribbon ending.
  • 8000 exclusive Miho Nakayama video cassettes were awarded to players with the Red Ribbon ending.




In the options menu, you can read a letter from Miho that explains how to enter the Ribbon prize draw. In the corner of the letter, you can see Diskun, the mascot of the Famicom Disk System.

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