Wii Play

Wii Play
System Wii
Developer Nintendo
Genre Minigames
Series Wii Play Series

Tests your skills with the Wii Remote across nine minigames. Test your aim in Shooting Range, find the odd one out in Find Mii, pop the bubbles in Pose Mii, race the cows in Charge! or try your hand at Billiards, Laser Hockey, Table Tennis and Fishing. You can also plug in the Nunchuk attachment for a game of Tanks.

All of the games are available for one or two players, and you can use your Mii avatar to play. Aim for the high score in order to win medals.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan はじめてのWii Hajimateno Wii 02 Dec 2006
Europe Wii Play 08 Dec 2006
US Wii Play 12 Feb 2007


Shooting Range

Shooting Range

This game mode borrows a lot of elements from Duck Hunt (FC/NES 1984), which provides the grassy setting and the ducks. A dog's bark begins the round and startles ducks during play, and you can shoot the grass to hear the dog bark again, but the dog itself does not appear.

In one round, clay pigeons are fired overhead, which is a reference to Game C in Duck Hunt, in itself a reference to Nintendo's Laser Clay Shooting arcades from 1973. The can shooting may also be a reference to Game C of Hogan's Alley (FC/NES 1984).

Submitted by Smashchu, Fryguy64, TV Eye

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