Wii Sports

Wii Sports
System Wii
Developer Nintendo
Genre Sports
Series Wii Sports Series

A launch title for the Wii and packed in with every Wii console in the US and Europe, Wii Sports brings five popular sports played with the Wii Remote motion controls.

The game includes Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Bowling and Boxing, and keeps records of your achievements in each game.

You can play as your Mii character, and up to four players can take part in most of the games.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Wii Sports 19 Nov 2006
Japan Wii Sports 02 Dec 2006
Europe Wii Sports 08 Dec 2006

Ports & Remakes

Wii U Wii Sports Club


Classic Golf Courses

Golf Courses

The Wii Sports version of golf features nine holes – but they are not new course designs. All of the courses have been adapted from Golf, Nintendo's first golf game on the NES.

Wii Sports Course NES Golf Course
Course 1 Course 1
Course 2 Course 3
Course 3 Course 8
Course 4 Course 14
Course 5 Course 5
Course 6 Course 16
Course 7 Course 12
Course 8 Course 9
Course 9 Course 13

Submitted by Smashchu, Fryguy64

Peach's Castle

Hole 1

On Golf, course 5, make it to the green and look into the distance. You can see a castle in the distance that looks a lot like Peach's castle from the Mario series.

Submitted by Angrysun

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