Pilotwings Resort

Pilotwings Resort
System Nintendo 3DS
Developer Nintendo / Monster Games
Genre Simulation
Series Pilotwings Series

Take to the skies around Wuhu Island, clearing missions in a variety of aircraft in order to earn your Pilotwings.

Each mission requires you to complete certain objectives. You are given points based on your speed and accuracy, and graded with up to three stars for successful completion.

You can also take part in the Free Flight Mode, where you explore Wuhu Island with a time limit, hunting down Information Points and other collectables to unlock more features in the game.

You start out piloting a Biplane, Handglider or Jet Pack, but more vehicles become available as you clear the missions.

Release Information

Region Name Game Card Download
Europe Pilotwings Resort 25 Mar 2011 01 Nov 2012
US Pilotwings Resort 27 Mar 2011 20 Dec 2012
Japan パイロットウイングス リゾート Pilotwings Resort 14 Apr 2011 01 Nov 2012


Wuhu Island Cameos

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Pilotwings Resort takes place on Wuhu Island, which was also the setting for Wii Sports Resort. As the location is the same, several of the cameos that appeared in that game are also the same:

  • Mario SFX in Hill Village

    When you fly over Hill Village, you can hear sound effects from Super Mario Bros. coming from one of the houses.

  • The Queen Peach

    The luxury cruise liner, The Queen Peach, is named after Princess Peach from the Mario series.

  • Wuhu Island

    Wuhu Island itself may be named after the exclamation "Woohoo!", one of Mario's many catchphrases.

Submitted by Da Robot, Fryguy64

Meca Hawk

Meca Hawk

After achieving three stars on every mission, including in the Diamond Class, you unlock Meca Hawk, a giant robot that walks around Wedge Island in Free Flight Mode. He doesn't do anything other than give you an extra Information icon to collect.

Hawk was one of the playable characters in Pilotwings 64, and one of the missions in that game was to take down the giant Meca Hawk as it rampaged across the Little States stage.

Submitted by Fryguy64

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