WarioWare: Touched!

WarioWare: Touched!
System Nintendo DS
Developer Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
Genre Minigames
Series Super Mario Series

Wario and his game developers are back with a new selection of touch screen microgames. By touching, rubbing, spinning and blowing, you have to clear each microgame in a few seconds and aim for the high score.

Each character specialises in a particular kind of input. Jimmy T is all about rubbing, while new girl Ashley requires you to drag things around. Crygor is spin master, and Mike requires you to blow on the microphone.

You can unlock loads of strange toys that let you play with the stylus. Some have no purpose, such as the custard pudding, while some are full minigames in themselves.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan さわるメイド イン ワリオ Sawaru Made in Wario 02 Dec 2004
US WarioWare: Touched! 14 Feb 2005
Europe WarioWare: Touched! 11 Mar 2005


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii U Virtual Console 15 Apr 2015 09 Apr 2015 02 Apr 2015


9-Volt's Intro Movie

The intro movie for 9-Volt, the Nintendo fanboy, features a number of Nintendo references:

9-Volt's Intro Minigame

Intro Minigame

The brief minigame during the intro involves dropping a GameCube game "36-Volt Man" into the system. There is also a Game Boy Advance cart on the floor.

9-Volt and 18-Volt then play the game, which plays sound effects from Super Mario Bros.

9-Volt's Intro Minigame

9-Volt's Collection

When they finish playing, 9-Volt plays his decks while his Nintendo consoles dance in the foreground. In order they are:

There is a poster of Diskun (the mascot for the Famicom Disk System) in the background.

9-Volt's Intro Minigame

Mario & Luigi

9-Volt's turntables have mini Mario and Luigi figures on them. Lose a microgame and they fall over.

The decks also feature the words "Nine-Volt" written in the style of the Nintendo logo, and the layout resembles an NES Controller.

Submitted by Fryguy64

9-Volt's Microgames

As in previous WarioWare games, 9-Volt's microgames are all themed on classic Nintendo games, systems and toys.

Super Mario Bros. microgame

Super Mario Bros.

Based on Super Mario Bros. Collect the specified number of coins from the blocks and Mario will appear. Sometimes you have to grab coins from secret blocks.

Super Mario Bros. [2] microgame

Super Mario Bros. [2]

Based on Super Mario Bros. Poke the enemies to clear them off the screen to make Mario fly across the screen.

Mario Paint microgame

Mario Paint

Based on Mario Paint. Scribble across the screen to fill in the white pictures.

Donkey Kong 3 microgame

Donkey Kong 3

Based on Donkey Kong 3. Blow into the microphone to make Donkey Kong hit the top of the screen.

The Legend of Zelda microgame

The Legend of Zelda

Based on The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: Adventure of Link. Tap the fairies that appear on the screen and Link appears. In the original The Legend of Zelda scenes, Link holds up an 8-bit Nintendo DS.

Metroid microgame


Based on Metroid. Keeping pulling Metroids off Samus to keep her energy above 0. This microgame replaces the Japan only "Famicom Detective Club" microgame in the non-Japanese versions.

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Famicom Detective Club

Based on Famicom Detective Club. Tap the part of the investigation scene that differs from the scene shown on the top screen. This microgame is only in the Japanese version, and is replaced by the "Metroid" microgame in other versions.

Balloon Fight microgame

Balloon Fight

Based on Balloon Fight. Pop the balloons of the enemy Balloon Fighters without popping the hero's balloon.

Duck Hunt microgame

Duck Hunt

Based on Duck Hunt Game C. Tap the clay pigeons as they fly off into the distance.

Hogan's Alley microgame

Hogan's Alley

Based on Hogan's Alley. Tap the gangsters to shoot them, but don't shoot the civilians.

8-bit Hero microgame

8-Bit Hero

Select the pixel that differs between the top and bottom screens to make a scene from an NES game appear:

Game & Watch Ball microgame

Game & Watch Ball

Based on Ball. Move the doll's arms to catch the juggling balls. The game is erroneously named "Toss Up" in the PAL version, which was the title of an unofficial copy of the game by Mego/Time Out.

Game & Watch Flagman microgame

Game & Watch Flagman

Based on Flagman. Copy the Flagman's instructions before time runs out.

Game & Watch Lion microgame

Game & Watch Lion

Based on Lion. Move the tamers up and down to keep the lions contained in the cage.

Game & Watch Oil Panic microgame

Game & Watch Oil Panic

Based on Oil Panic. Move the man so he catches all of the oil drops.

Clawing For More microgame

Clawing For More

Based on the Ultra Hand Nintendo toy. Pull the handle of the Ultra Hand to grab the ball and free the flying creatures:

Pushing Buttons microgame

Pushing Buttons

Rotate the 3D Nintendo handheld system to find the button displayed on the top screen and press it. The systems are the Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP and Nintendo DS.

Game On microgame

Game On

Insert the WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Games disc into the Nintendo GameCube and close the lid. On the later difficulties, you also have to insert the Controller.

Gold Digger microgame

Gold Digger

Press the buttons on the on-screen Game Boy Advance to beat the Gold Digger microgame from WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgames.

Button Masher microgame

Button Masher

Hit the A Button on the NES controller to beat the game. There are three fictional games that appear (see notes).

Famicom microgame


Blow into the Famicom controller microphone to beat the game. There are three fictional games that appear (see notes).

Gunslinger Boss

Boss: Gunslinger

Based on Hogan's Alley Game C. Tap the cans to land them all on the platforms without dropping any. Then two oil drums appear – shoot them repeatedly to make them break open, revealing a piece of classic Nintendo hardware:

You can rack up a high score by juggling the cans against a wall for a while before landing them, and this changes the hardware that appears from the oil drums. To make the NES appear you have to get over 20,000 points, and to get the Virtual Boy you have to get over 30,000 points.

Notes on Button Masher & Famicom Microgames

In the Button Masher and Famicom microgames there are three titles you have to play, all based on real NES games:

Submitted by Fryguy64, Aquatics64, greatlink, Leon, Cassai

Other Microgames Cameos

Chalk Full microgame

Chalk Full

In Jimmy T.'s "Chalk Full" microgame, you sometimes have to clean a drawing of Mario from the chalkboard.

Power Chord microgame

Power Chord

In Jimmy T.'s "Power Chord" microgame, the rock star has a tattoo of Diskun on his upper arm. Diskun was the mascot for the Famicom Disk System.

Spin a Yarn microgame

Spin a Yarn

In Crygor's "Spin a Yarn" microgame, the third difficulty level has you unravelling a green vest. Hiding inside is Luigi from the Mario series, who jumps and makes an 'L' shape with his body.

You Scratch Mine microgame

You Scratch Mine

In Warioman's "You Scratch Mine" microgame, you have to scratch Wario's back. On the second difficulty level you also have to scratch Mario's, and on the third difficulty you have to scratch Toad's as well.

Where's Wario microgame

Where's Wario

In Warioman's "Where's Wario" microgame, you have to spin a 3D ball to find the picture of Wario. On the hardest difficulty you will have to search through a bunch of pixellated characters to find the 8-bit style Wario sprite based on the arcade Mario Bros. Other characters include Luigi, Goombas and Koopa Troopas from the Mario series, all wearing Wario's yellow headgear.

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Quite Puzzled

In Mona's "Quite Puzzled" microgame, you have to solve a sliding puzzle by moving panels to match the top screen. One of the solutions shows a joker card with a merman on it. This was an actual Joker card from Nintendo's early days as a playing card manufacturer.

Hot Flash microgame description

Hot Flash

Wario's description for the "Hot Flash" microgame is as follows:

"Get me out of all these clothes! I'm sweating like a Goomba at a plumber parade!"

This is a reference to the Mario series.

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Living Room Rally

In Crygor's boss stage "Living Room Rally", the remote control is the same red and gold design as the controller for the Japanese Famicom.

Submitted by Fryguy64, Grandy02, YoungLink

Mona's Intro

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In Mona's introduction, you get to watch the music charts. There are a number of references to the earlier WarioWare titles:

Submitted by Tanwo

Toy Room: Wario Paint

Wario Paint Toy Room game

One of the toybox items that you unlock by playing the game is called Wario Paint. The game itself is a limited version of Mario Paint, and the toy icon is the Japanese boxart for the game, with Wario's nose where Mario used to be. In this mode you can select a drawing of a WarioWare character and colour them in with the colour bar along the top of the screen.

Submitted by Fryguy64

Toy Room: Turntable

Turntable Toy Room game

Another toybox item is this record player. You can only select three songs on it:

  • Mario Paint Background Music. Leave it running to hear a remix
  • Hogan's Alley Game C music. Again leave it to hear an all-new remix
  • Ashley's theme

Submitted by Fryguy64

Mr. Game & Watch Appearances

Mr. Game & Watch Appearances

Mr. Game & Watch is the representative of the Game & Watch systems, who made his debut in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He makes a number of appearances in this game:

  • The logo of the Games section is Mr. Game & Watch. He is leaping into the air with a cloud emnating from his backside.
  • In the background of the second Toy Room is a picture of Mr. Game & Watch.
  • In Wario's Microgame, "Big Bang", you are watched by a bunch of Mr. Game & Watches.
  • In Mike's microgame, "Admiral Blowhard" it looks like the boat driver is Mr. Game & Watch.

Submitted by Fryguy64, Cassai

Flying Iwata

Screenshot Required

When you complete a character's set, they go to the Hawt House. If you look on the top screen you can see a number of flying objects in the sky.

One of these flying objects is Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo.

Submitted by Grandy02

Staff Roll Shapes

Wario Paint Toy Room game

As in earlier WarioWare games, during the credits you will see the Triforce from the Legend of Zelda series and the Gamecube "G" logo.

Submitted by Fryguy64

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