Daigassō! Band Brothers

Daigassō! Band Brothers
System Nintendo DS
Developer Nintendo
Genre Rhythm-Action
Series Jam With The Band Series

You are a new musician joining Barbara's GB Music recording studio. Choose an instrument and play along to a set of popular songs by tapping the screen or buttons at the right time.

If you choose to be the vocalist then you have to sing into the microphone during the song. You can string your performances together with each instrument to compose a whole song.

The game can be played with wireless, single card multiplayer. The players can compose their own songs together.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan 大合奏!バンドブラザーズ Daigassō! Band Brothers 02 Nov 2004

Daigassō! Band Brothers Tsuikakyoku Cartridge

A "Request Selection" expansion cart was released later. This cart could be placed in the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite GBA cartridge slot, and would increase the number of available songs in Daigassō! Band Brothers. This included many fan requests.

Region Name Release
Japan 大合奏!バンドブラザーズ 追加曲カートリッジ Daigassō! Band Brothers Tsuikakyoku Cartridge 26 Sep 2005


Nintendo Music

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Several of the songs that appear in Band Brothers are remixes and medleys of songs from other Nintendo games:

Track Title Based On
Fire Emblem
The Legend of Zelda Medley
Kirby of the Stars Medley
Super Mario Medley
Famicom Mini Medley
Pocket Monster Medley
F-Zero Medley

Submitted by Fryguy64

Nintendo Music on Request Selection Cart

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The "Request Selection" cartridge added new songs to the game. Again, a number of the songs included are based on Nintendo games:

Track Title Based On
Trotting Yoshi Yoshi Touch & Go Score Attack
Ashley's Theme WarioWare: Touched! Ashley's Theme
Star Wolf Theme Star Fox 64 Star Wolf
Title (Animal Crossing) Animal Crossing Title
Athletic (Yoshi Island) Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Athletic
Slider Super Mario 64 Slider
Jungle Beat Theme Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat Theme
Mountain Path Famicom Fairytales: Shin Onigashima Chapter 1 ~On the Path to the Mountain~
Ayumi's Theme Famicom Detective Club Part II Ayumi Tachibana's Theme

Submitted by Fryguy64

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